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Uncategorized November 15, 2015


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Lucy Roman

Welcome to Lucy’s Art Blog,

Im just like all the layers and layers of paints and strokes on my paintings.

Every layer is created with so much curiosity, excitement,  no limits and joy.  I believe that my paintings captures a part of me on the canvas.  This is the very process which gratifies me most as an artist, and  allows my paintings to unfold and stand on their own.


Acrylic on Canvas displayed At Lucy’s Art Gallery

I paint for the pure joy of painting It allows me to share a special intimate part of myself with others.

As a child, I enjoyed doing crafts and drawing.   I will never forget that day in 3rd grade when  I won my first art contest.  I painted an abstract with water color in class and had no idea it was  for an  art competition.  Days after completing my painting, my teacher gave me a special letter sealed in an envelope for my parents.  It was an invitation to view my painting,  displayed at our local Bank  in Milwaukee, where all the young artist who won were invited to a special dinner of recognition and given a certificate with a ribbon, which I still have.  My painting won first place.    I personally believe , throughout life we are given many glimpse into our future and opportunities to do the very thing that make us complete. Despite the many big turn of events throughout my life, like marriage and  starting a family, I always turned to painting.  Strangely its been my life long therapy, and it keeps me grounded and refreshed .   This is something no one can ever take away from me.  Its where I can honestly say  “Im in control” and it builds me, in a profound way.

My art career started 8 years ago in my kitchen table.  One piece at a time gave me the confidence I needed which has lead me to teaching part time art  classes.  I consider my self as an instructor who GUIDES young passionate artist to develop their skills, eye for details and to never give up their passion for art.   My studio has a place for my art work, I no longer need to search for a Galleries that will showcase my work .  This gives me the freedom to live my life as an Artist that most suites me.

Once a month I will blog mainly about my paintings and GUIDANCE .



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